About Us

We provide consulting services to the flooring industry and we sell flooring manufacturer specified installation and maintenance products via our websites and Brick and mortar Store in New Castle, Delaware.

Our product sales, through 1877FloorGuy, SchutzPro and Hilway Direct, include cleaning and maintenance products and tools for all types of floors- hardwood, laminate, vinyl, cork, rubber and carpet. We don’t compete with flooring retailers because we don’t sell floors. We sell only care and maintenance products to keep floors clean, polished, protected.

Our in-house, hard surface flooring expert, Reggie Hill, leads our consulting services division with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Reggie and his team focus consulting services on the commercial flooring market, before, during or after a new floor is installed. Before a floor is specified and installed our consulting services provide flooring performance expectations, finish samples and flooring finish specifications so an architect or interior designer can uphold the integrity of a specified flooring product during the bid process in order to deliver optimum performance, especially in high use facilities such as those found in healthcare and education.

Post installation consulting takes place when an installed floor fails and it’s a high square footage project. The high cost of replacement is looming and the situation may be adversarial when Floor Consult expertise is called in to investigate and determine the cause of failure. The investigation typically provides enough information to determine root cause and the flooring consultant will provide a path for resolution.

Floor Consultants works with attorneys as an expert witness and advisor for flooring related cases, with flooring manufacturers as a reliable resources for flooring maintenance and finish applications and with facilities managers and business owners to implement finish and maintenance procedures in difficult to maintain areas of their buildings.

Consulting and training services are flexible and adjust to each, unique customer and flooring situation. The floor is not often given a lot of thought until it fails. One of our goals is to prevent failure when we’re brought in on the front end of a project.

Mission Statement

The mission of Floor Covering Services & Consultants is to provide installation and maintenance solutions to its customers.  We help Architects and Designers who hate flooring problems with flooring solutions that make sense for the environment they are designing.  We help Flooring Manufacturers with proper Maintenance and Installation instructions for their flooring products.  We offer the end user the products they need when they need them to care and maintain their new and old floors.  We sell our products on the web because that is the easiest way to get the products into the customer’s hands.

Company Philosophy

Our philosophy is to first listen to each customer and understand their challenge.   Then provide that customer with the best solution to their challenge by efficiently delivering them the products they need to solve that problem.