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Helpful Information included in the FloorConsult Resource Library includes blog posts in Reggie’s Floor Stories™ Blog, print ready pdf files of each commercial flooring blog post, how-to flooring videos and Dr Schutz flooring finishes project photo boards.

The complete Resources section of is a helpful tool for facilities maintenance companies, building owners, flooring installers, flooring manufacturers and anyone with questions about a resilient or hard surface flooring project. FloorConsult Resources covers a variety of flooring topics including resilient flooring installation know-how, flooring maintenance must-haves, preventive measures for heavy traffic floor areas and troubleshooting advice for commercial flooring projects.

Information provided in the FloorConsult Resources pages give insight into flooring maintenance issues faced by many healthcare facilities, K-12 schools, retail stores and restaurants. The blog posts in Reggie’s blog -Reggie’s Floor Stories, is especially helpful. Articles include flooring topics about the cause of resilient flooring indentations, proper maintenance precautions for busy lobby floors, the value of top quality flooring installers, the real meaning of a low maintenance floor and more. Information shared by Reggie’s Blog is based on many years of experience installing floors, troubleshooting problems on large commercial flooring projects, bringing Hilway Direct flooring maintenance products to market, and selling floor cleaning and maintenance products to retail customers including homeowners and businesses.

You will find tips and see finished projects within the FloorConsult Resources section of the FloorConsult website. When you’ve got a question regarding resilient flooring installation or maintenance and you can’t find the answers anywhere, reach out to Reggie Hill via the email form.

FloorConsult Resources includes:
Reggie’s Floor Stories BlogPrintable PDFs – Reggie’s Floor Stories Blog ArticlesDr Schutz Project Photo BoardsFlooring How-To Videos