It Should NOT be a Problem, I Got Sign Off!

When a floor fails and the consumer signed off on a waiver, who is responsible?

When a floor fails and the consumer signed off on a waiver, who is responsible?   First, let me make it clear…I am not an attorney and have no plans to offer legal advice in this blog regarding “release of liability” as it pertains to the installation of hard surface flooring, or any flooring as…

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ASTM F-710, Does the Subfloor Need to be THAT Flat?

Installation instructions, from most major flooring manufacturers, reference ASTM Standard F-710 for hard surface resilient flooring. The Standard simply defines the required flatness of a concrete subfloor. The subfloor, or ‘underfloor’ as I like to call it, “shall not deviate more than 3/16 of an inch in ten feet.” Photo 1 shows a ten straight edge…

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True or False: Tile Run Off Means Floor Tiles Not Square

  Several years ago I received a call from a flooring manufacturer disclosing that they had a seven-phase commercial project that was in trouble. The first two large phases, approximately 10,000 square feet each, had been installed and there was tile run off throughout the space. The flooring contractor filed a complaint with the manufacturer,…

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Who Is to Blame for Resilient Flooring Indentations?

It is seldom that hard-surface flooring indentations are the result of flooring material failure.  The source of indentations can typically be traced back to installation error, installation system failure, point loads exceeding the flooring system limits or an extreme environment that compromises the flooring.  Most important, the flooring manufacturer is usually NOT the culprit when…

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The BEST Floor Protector, An Expert Opinion

Broken Plastic Furniture Glide

My travels take me to just about every kind of environment you can imagine…from assisted living facilities to aircraft carriers. The common link between facilities, where I have been involved in troubleshooting a flooring problem, is hard surface floors including VCT, LVT, linoleum, sheet vinyl, hardwood, laminate and the furniture glides being used on movable furniture…

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