Meet the Team

Reggie Hill Headshot

Reggie Hill

President, Owner


Reggie Hill founded Floor Covering Services & Consultants in 1995. Prior to starting his own business, Reggie was the Manager of Training and Technical Services at Mannington Mills starting in 1989. Before being hired by Mannington, he worked in his family’s retail flooring and custom cabinetry business in east Texas where he defined his skills as a craftsman with woodworking and flooring installation. With years of experience behind him and a keen understanding of flooring, Reggie has become an expert in his field. He’s a true professional at troubleshooting installation, maintenance and application issues for our FloorConsult clients. He firmly believes in proper floor care and maintenance and will answer questions from 1877FloorGuy customers and Hilway Direct customers alike. Finding a resolution and working through adversarial situations is one of his greatest skills. He truly is the “Red Adair” of flooring. Reggie loves to present to groups, as weaving a good story is inherent in this Texan. Early morning is his favorite part of the day and he’s always on the move. When not working (and that’s not often), Reggie enjoys gardening and an occasional round of golf.

Angela Henry

Vice President, Operations


Angela Henry has been at Floor Covering Services & Consultants since 2002 when she started in customer service and telephone technical support for FloorConsult and 1877FloorGuy. She was new to the workforce and fit right into our small business culture with a strong work ethic and a willingness to learn all about floor covering installation, care and maintenance. During her tenure, Angela has taken the time to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, bolstering her confidence and capability to run the operations end of this business. As the manager of our customer service team, warehouse operations and accounting department, Angela has her finger on the pulse of daily operations. She keeps many balls in the air and still provides customers with a patient ear and accurate, useful information. So if you call our office and Angela answers, it’s a very good thing because she is the “hub of the wheel” here and will know how to guide you. In her personal time, Angela can frequently be found cheering on her kids at various sporting events (chances are her husband is coaching) or entertaining friends and relatives in her home.

Andrea Hill

Marketing Manager


Andrea Hill started working at the FloorConsult office part time in 2010 though, as Reggie’s wife, she has been involved in the business since inception. As the Marketing Manager at Floor Covering Services & Consultants, Andrea spends much of her time managing PPC, PLA and email campaigns, editing blog posts for FloorConsult and adding products to 1877FloorGuy. She coordinates company print materials and most enjoys project work that involves creativity and client interaction. Andrea’s previous career experience, as an interior designer, comes in handy to plan and coordinate the office workstations and warehouse shelving.If you call the office and get confused about whom you should speak with, Andrea or Angela (notice the similar phonetics), don’t worry they will make sure you get to the right person. FloorConsult is a small business that is all about customer service. When not at work, Andrea enjoys spending time with her teenage boys and her husband. She and her family enjoy outdoor activities including skiing, biking and lounging at the beach.

Sarah Foster

Accounting Department


Sarah Foster joined Floor Covering Services & Consultants as a bookkeeping consultant in 2010. Right from the start, she proved herself to be dedicated to the details and systematic in creating a better way to track and manage company finances. Sarah’s role at FloorConsult continues to grow as she becomes more involved in planning and budgeting for all FloorConsult business including 1877FloorGuy and Hilway Direct. A whiz with Excel and an old hand at Quick Books, she makes short work of spreadsheets and charts and has become a company wide resource for the more advanced functions of Excel. Sarah’s proficiency at accounting is as important to everyone at FloorConsult as her steadfast, gentle way that greets everyone with a warm hello in the morning and lends a calm stability even on the hairiest of work days. In her free time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her sister who lives close by and experimenting with new ways to infuse kale into her diet since she is diligent about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She is involved in her church and participates routinely in a walking group.


The 1877 floorguy warehouse is a busy place with trucks delivering pallets of floor cleaners and other cleaning supplies coming in and shipments of floor polish, tile cleaner and more being carefully packaged and shipped out to our Hilway Direct and 1877FloorGuy customers. Our warehouse team handles it all with focus and attention to detail while maintaining a fast pace. Phone calls or emails to our warehouse would disrupt the flow so any warehouse related inquiries should be directed to customer service. To stay on track and on time for the daily USPS and UPS pickups, our warehouse team needs to be sharp. The goal is to get customer orders out on time!

Warehouse related inquiries should be directed to 1877FloorGuy Customer Service or VP of Operations.