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The FloorConsult blog, Reggie's Floor Stories™, provides valuable flooring information to help industry professionals, flooring installers, project managers and business owners with common flooring problems that can cause major issues on commercial floor jobs.

Blog 019 · 2018 Apr

Best Practices-Floor Installation

A checklist will ensure every step is captured on a large facility floor install. 
Blog 018 · 2018 Jan

Furniture Wreckin My Floor

Typical issues with heat welded floor joints - floor seam gaps to split seams.

Blog 017 · 2017 Jul

Heat Welding Flooring Seams

Typical issues with heat welded floor joints - floor seam gaps to split seams.

Blog 016 · 2017 Jan

Spray, Tape, Back Rolled Adhesives

Critical floor prep with spray, tape or back-rolled adhesive systems.

Blog 015 · 2017 Jan

Value Good Installers

How an excellent workforce can take your business to the next level.

Blog 014 · 2016 Sept

Read Instructions

Read installation instructions to eliminate complaints!

Blog 013 · 2016 Sept

Sign Off

When a floor fails and the consumer signed off on a waiver...

Blog 012 · 2016 March

Two Bucket System

Two mop buckets are better than one. Here's why...

Blog 011 · 2016 Jan

No vs Low Maintenance

There is no such things as a no-maintenance floor...

Blog 010 · 2016 Jan

Flat Subfloor

The subfloor "shall not deviate more than 3/16 of an inch in ten feet."

Blog 009 · 2015 Aug

Tile Run Off

VCT tile runoff, defective flooring or is the subfloor out of level?

Blog 008 · 2015 Jun

Resilient Indentations

Indentations in a newly installed vinyl floor. Who is truly at fault?

Blog 007 · 2015 Mar

Best Floor Protector

Selecting floor protectors - felt pads for hard floors; hard pads on carpeting.

Blog 006 · 2015 Jan

Part IV Scratches, Gouges, Scrapes

Easy reference guide to prevent and fix floor scratches, gouges, scrapes.

Blog 002 · 2015 Feb

Repost - Old Man Winter

Winter wreaks havoc on hard surface floors - daily maintenance is a battle.