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SchutzPro NE provides regional distribution of Dr Schutz polyurethane-based flooring finishes, anti-slip floor coatings, stain-resistant flooring sealer, customized creative design collection and colorize designer floor color treatments to end user facilities and Dr Schutz Applicators in the Northeastern United States. With over thirty years of experience in the flooring industry, the SchutzPro Northeast team has the skill and complete knowledge to help you decide if a Schutz high-performance finished floor coating is right for your corporate, healthcare or institutional flooring application. As an authorized Dr Schutz sales agent, Schutz Pro NE is fully qualified to apply all Dr Schutz flooring finishes products and to train in-house floor care teams at a customer’s facility to apply and maintain Dr Schutz floor products independently.

The Dr. Schutz flooring finishes include Waxnomor, Marknomor, Slipnomor, Colorize and Creative Design Patterns. Waxnomor polyurethane-based permanent flooring finish is the anchor of this group of extremely durable, high-performance protective floor coatings from Dr. Schutz. Used to protect resilient and hard surface flooring including LVT, stone tile, and sheet vinyl, Dr Schutz Waxnomor improves outcomes and reduces the need for cycles of routine maintenance such as strip and refinish. This is especially helpful in high traffic areas that see greater than normal wear on a daily basis. Marknomor features the ability to resist staining from substances such as hair dyes and peroxide making it ideal to protect floors in hair salons and medical facilities. Slipnomor creates the best possible slip resistance in assisted living facilities, hospital entryways and other areas where slip and fall accidents are problematic. Wherever hard surface or resilient flooring needs a higher level of care, Dr Schutz has a flooring maintenance product to fill the need for extreme durability on the floor.

As a Schutz Pro Center in North America, SchutzPro NE provides sales of Dr Schutz floor finish products, training for applicators and facility maintenance teams so they can become pros at applying Waxnomor and other Schutz products in the field for commercial, retail and healthcare applications. Unlike most commercial flooring finishes, Dr Schutz Waxnomor alone, or with mark or slip resistant additives, becomes part of the finished floor so it requires special training to be applied correctly to vinyl, PVC, linoleum, rubber and any other applicable flooring material. The upfront cost of a Dr Schutz permanent wearlayer is higher than traditional acrylic floor finishes and adds more value than these traditional coatings by extending the life of the floor, reducing maintenance strip and refinish cycles and by creating a more durable surface to protect the floor from damage thereby extending the life of the floor for long-term savings.

Dr Schutz flooring finishes wearlayer products are not ideal in every situation so it’s best to contact Reggie Hill at Floor Covering Services & Consultants for a no-obligation consultation before making a decision on the right protective coating to put on your facility’s floors. For architects and interior designers with building projects in the Northeast Region, SchutzPro NE experts can provide product specifications for Dr Schutz field applied flooring finishes for inclusion in architectural bid documents and meetings can be conducted to educate designers and specifiers on the range of floor coatings available from SchutzPro NE. Browse the Schutz Showcase of photo storyboards showing completed projects to see the range of commercial spaces where Dr Schutz performance flooring finishes are applicable.

Reggie Hill is the owner of the US Northeast Schutz Pro Center and an industry expert in commercial hard surface flooring installation and maintenance with thirty plus years working in the flooring industry. SchutzNA Pro Centers are located around the United States and in Canada. If you’re not sure where to find a Schutz Pro Center near you, contact Reggie at Floor Covering Services & Consultants and he can direct you to the supplier nearest to you unless SchutzPro NE is the right location for you.

In addition to the full line of protective and safety polyurethane floor coatings, Dr Schutz problem solving products, sold through, are available to to address a range of maintenance problems from removal of difficult stains- Universal Stain Remover to ScratchFix for repair of scuffs and scratches on factory finished LVT. Other quality Dr Schutz products include X-tra Fill for filling cracks in wood flooring during the sanding process and Disinfectant Floor Cleaner for use on resilient floors in healthcare facilities.

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